MBA Services

Executive English offers services especially for MBA students and alumni.

Each weekly session, typically 1.25 hours, helps you participate in American and international discussions more actively and comfortably, including team meetings, extra-curricular activities, social settings, and the classroom. Your confidence increases so that you will effectively communicate your strength and express subtleties in English, approaching the level of your first language. Sessions may include the following topics:

  • Pronunciation and Articulation: identify and correct errors in pronunciation, such as rate/late, live/leave; control speed, clarity and correct mouth positions.
  • Cross-cultural Discussions: communicate confidently in business and social interactions, with direct reports, peers and managers. Explore expectations of the business culture of your country compared to American and international business cultures.
  • Vocabulary and Business Expressions: expand your vocabulary for business and general settings, direct and indirect, formal and informal, and written and spoken. Through discussions and exercises, these lessons come to life.
  • Business Writing: review the English style of concise emails and if applicable, reports. Writing reinforces spoken English, grammar and pronunciation.
  • Grammar Review: working through the above aspects of your English helps identify and correct troublesome grammar points, such as prepositions and articles.

Executive English training materials are supplemented by using the context of your own business projects and plans. You contribute actively to the training sessions by bringing discussions points and anecdotes from your work. As your confidence and skills increase, you will work to your potential in English.