Meetings and Discussions

Clients often come to us frustrated that their English lacks the strength to influence and impact discussions at meetings and convince colleagues of their business plans and vision: where to invest, how to implement, why to cut lossesĀ  – all in order to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Through active discussions of our clients’ real business issues combined with Executive English’s training in important, but difficult communication strategies, our clients strengthen their confidence and English. Be prepared to impact and influence far-reaching decisions made in your management meetings and lead your teams to global success – in English. Learn to:

  • Express your opinion effectively
  • Propose a plan – pitch an alternative
  • Disagree with a subordinate, a colleague, a boss
  • Give feedback – reject feedback
  • Move from request to require
  • Listen

Our clients move their English forward and their careers up. Build your confidence to express your power and lead to your potential.

Close the gap between managing and leading in your native language and in the world language – English!