Winning Negotiations

Whether you are negotiating salary for a new job or finalizing a corporate merger, negotiations run all through business, and Executive English takes you through all phases of negotiating. Instruction here includes international negotiating styles, the importance of relationship building, bargaining styles, and outcome expectations. Most important, you will learn what to say to help you reach satisfying agreements – the words, phrases, sentences – and when to use silence.

We will discuss the 5 most common business negotiating mistakes that easily sabotage your goals – and learn how to replace them with effective communication tools.  We examine how to manage your most strategic relationships within your organization and your external relationships, which reach across borders and cultures.

In this component, clients learn to speak the English of negotiating to:

  • Plan your expectations, strategies and goals
  • Analyze your counterpart’s view
  • Find and build on common ground
  • Identify your positions and interests – and know the difference
  • Develop a Plan B: options and alternatives
  • Learn what to say, when to be silent – and when to walk away

In lively simulations, using role-plays and your own negotiating challenges, you learn to confidently develop and express winning solutions for all – in English.