Powerful Presentations

Success in today’s corporate world means knowing how to give clear, confident and convincing presentations.   In our hands-on programs, you’ll learn how to best develop your presentation based on your audience’s needs and their cultural norms. We cover structure: how to organize your talk for maximum impact, how many points to include, and how to write clear visuals that deliver your message.

We’ll also cover the importance of sending ‘signals’ to your audience, so they have a clear ‘map’ of where you are in the presentation and where you are going.  Experience how practicing your presentations helps you use simple, concrete English that keeps your audience’s interest and keep your English correct and confident. And – nervousness before the presentation is not a bad thing: learn to use it to your advantage.

Clients practice presentations and follow their progress on video to make sure their English language, body language, and visual language have the strongest impact.  Speak the English of presentations and learn to:

  • Target your message for your audience: direct or indirect style
  • Interact effectively with your visuals and your audience
  • Take advantage of the Audience Memory Curve* for maximum impact
  • Manage Q&A sessions confidently to reinforce your message
  • Finish strongly with a clear call to action

With Executive English, learn to sell your products and ideas with power and PowerPoint – in English.