English Language Review

Yes, of course, we do review English grammar basics for our clients: common verb tenses, prepositions, modals (could, should, have to), conditional “if”, and active and passive voice.  In fact, some of our clients request only English grammar training.

But this is not school English.  Our compact and concise graphics replace long, confusing, wordy explanations you had in school with traditional English grammar books.

We bring these lessons to life by using your documents – emails, presentations, meeting minutes – as the training context and combine them with Executive English’s training material. Our material has been developed and refined through feedback from our 20+ years work with Fortune 100 and global firms.

We also focus on vocabulary: business and general, direct and indirect, written and spoken.  And to improve your English pronunciation, we identify your most frequent pronunciation errors and guide you to correct and control them.

We develop for you a list of top ‘Red Card Mistakes’ you bring to English from your native language and your personal style of speech, so that you can work towards eliminating these even when you are deep in discussion.